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Essential Oils

Wildcrafted by Hand

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Since 1994 we have been collecting and distilling herbs exclusively from wild populations in Crete, a place known since ancient times for the quality and diversity of its aromatic and medicinal plants. All our essential oils are wildcrafted by hand and distilled with the utmost care and respect for each plant.


About Wild Herbs of Crete

The geography of Crete is largely mountainous and sub mountainous, and pretty wild except for some coastal areas and a few plateaus. We choose abundant populations of our herbs, situated in remote areas with a minimum chance of pollution, and all harvesting is done by hand. We harvest, distill and bottle the essential oils ourselves. By having control and hands on each step of the process, from the field to the distillery, to analyses and bottling and distributing, we can offer you the spirit of defined wild plant populations, which have developed without the interference and aid of man, but were raised by nature itself and by the rule that the toughest survives. Plant populations that express the beauty and diversity of nature.


About Our Products


Exclusively Wild

All our essential oils are exclusively from wild growing plant populations.


Gentle Distillation

Our distillation unit is stainless steel, carried out at atmospheric pressure.


No Third Parties

We cut all plant material by hand ourselves, no third parties.


We Get All the Oil

We distill until we get all the oil, unlike commercial distilleries.


No Plants Are Harmed

We collect only what we need and do not kill a single plant to obtain its oil.


Personal Packaging

We allow our oil to settle, then filter, bottle and label our products.


Featured Products

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