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Cupressus sempervirens var. horizontalis

Size:  5ml

Plantpart:  Young leaves and cones

Collected:  Sfakia, the white mountains



Because of its astringent action, the oil is very helpful in cases of edema, incontinence, and excessive perspiration. Very useful in skin care especially for oily and over-hydrated skin and in cases of acne and as such a valuable ingredient in toiletries like after-shave and skin-tonics, deodorants and creams. Good deodorant qualities. Its balsamic, yet fresh odor is greatly appreciated. It also works tonic to the circulatory system, and as a vasoconstrictor and can as such be applied locally onto varicose veins and hemorrhoids. C. sempervirens is anti-spasmodic, and can be used in cases of bronchitis and asthma, even by children. It regulates Menses, relieves painful periods and is helpful in the menopause for all its mentioned actions, as well as its activity as an emmenagogue and sudorific regulator.


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